Mandatory Data Breach Notification laws start this week – 22 Feb 2018.

Is your practice prepared?

We are offering a FREE, no obligation Security Consultation for your practice that will help you decide if you need to take urgent action.

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Book a time now for a FREE, no obligation 45 minute security consultation.

During this call, we will do the following:

  • Help you identify your biggest problem regarding security, privacy or planning
  • Help you solve that problem
  • Lay out a clear plan for you to address security in your practice in a structured and cost effective manner.

In order to qualify:

  1. You must be willing to come to the call with an honest view of your current state.
  2. You must be in a position to make some changes – incrementally.
  3. You must be coachable.
  4. You must have an open mind to hearing some things that may be uncomfortable.

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